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Enjoy your garden all year round with a choice of Two Profiles of Aluminium Bi Folding Doors from Oceansafe. Make the most of your outside space with panoramic views through unencumbered glazing during the winter and wide open expanses, straight out into your garden, in summer and spring.

Bio-folding doors from Oceansafe are a door system which is made from a premium grade aluminium. In addition to being visually stunning, because of its bespoke nature, it offers complete versatility, ensuring it meets your functional, as well as stylistic requirements.

Complementing any property – whether it be a new or existing build, an extension a bi-folding door is guaranteed to change the way a home is interacted with, enabling it to be enjoyed like never before, wherever you may be, holding the key to longer summer days, warmer winter evenings and an all year round uninterrupted widescreen view of your world.

AluK Bi-Folding Doors

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With a wide range of profiles, frame depths, optional elements, finishes and hardware to choose from, you will always find an AluK door to reflect your style and taste. Download the AluK Bi-Fold Doors Brochure.AluK Bi-Fold Doors Brochure

The AluK range of inline or lift and slide premium aluminium doors offers high performance complemented by stunning design, adding a modern and stylish look to your home, opening your living space to the outside.

AluK Bi-Folding Doors scarborough
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Origin Bi-Folding Doors

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Now award winning and operating internationally, Origin began in 2001 as a family company dedicated to the design, creation and manufacture of the UK’s best qualitydoors, backed by uncompromising levels of service. Download the Origin Bi-Fold Doors Brochure.Bi-Fold Doors Brochure

Available as a bi-fold, a corner set, a traditional French door and a single, the Origin Door is one of the most timeless and sought after renovation solutions. In addition to being visually stunning, because of its bespoke nature, it offers complete versatility, ensuring it meets your functional, as well as stylistic requirements.

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Panoramic views through unencumbered glazing

The doors boast finger safe gaskets to stop little fingers getting trapped when the doors are closing; strong magnetic catches that hold the doors in place when it’s windy outside, and threshold options which minimise boundaries, creating a seamless link between the inside and outside, both of which are ideal for wheelchair access.

Ranging from one through to eight door sets, and with door leaves as narrow as 400mm and as wide as 1200mm, there is a configuration available guaranteed to match your requirements. No matter which setup you choose, you can be assured that the slim sightlines will create a sophisticated and timeless feel, helping maximise the flow of natural light into your home.

Choose your overall size, amount of doors, configuration, internal and external colour, your preferred threshold option, whether you want the doors to open in or open out, handle style and hardware colour.

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